Our Servers
Onym.com servers and support for them are provided by a premier US server only provider. This arrangement allows us to provide you the very best servers and support in the industry at the very lowest possible prices.  Our servers are state of the art, scalable, and load balanced to keep your site data transfer speed at its peak. Our server provider is dedicated to providing optimal performance and regularly adds servers to reduce server loads to meet this goal. They have consistently proven both their willingness to reduce server loads to maintain the high performance they are known for and their ability to do so without causing any interruption of service.

Our Promise
Great service, great prices, no gimmicks!

At Onyms.com you will never be pestered by pop-ups and we will never sell your information to anyone.

Whenever you are ready to move up to your own server we will gladly assist you. We support your continued growth even if it takes you away from our range of services and into leasing your own server whether from our server provider or from someone else. Our server provider can make the transition very easy and economical for you and in most cases with no down time at all.

Wherever your future takes you, we know you will be glad you started on a scalable server with a provider who has the expertise and capacity to support your growth every step of the way. We and our server provider are all committed to serving you well.

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Your Domain Management Control Panel will be similar to that shown below; however, your Primary Host and Secondary Host will likely not be the same as those shown. If they are the same then you do not need to change anything. (After you have made the appropriate changes they should be the same except their order is not important). If you have multiple domains registered through us all of your domains will be listed up to the specified number per page.

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Our Purpose
Promoting, enabling, and assisting individuals and small businesses in obtaining full ownership and control of their own internet domain names, web sites, and email names.

Onym.com is the result of Paraglide's own search for the best possible web hosting service to support its web presence without committing a substantial investment to providing facilities, hardware, software and personnel.

In our search we found that there are hundreds of thousands of individuals claiming to be web hosting "providers". Almost all of them follow the same basic scheme which is to get rich quick by selling anything from anybody that will provide them a link to their popup and as an apparent side venture they are willing to sell you just a little bit of server space on their already overloaded marketing machine.

This led us into searching for server providers and we found just what we were looking for, a bright young American entrepreneur who had built a premier international server provider right here in the US (since 1995). The company provides top quality servers and service at reasonable prices and without any gimmicks.

We are pleased to be able to extend this top quality service to individuals and companies who are not ready to lease their own servers but who also want to be well positioned when that day does arrive.

Most if not all of your future requirements can be met with just a phone call. Most changes require no down time at all and if a charge is involved we are sure you will agree it is very reasonable.

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